Jackie Green – Write-In Candidate for Louisville Mayor

Fischer’s policies will not lead to neighborhoods that are safe, clean, tree-lined, prosperous, walkable, energy smart, linked by transit and filled with healthy, independent, educated, engaged citizens breathing clean air and earning a living wage.

Louisville deserves a mayor who:

  • will invest in Louisville and her central, south and west end neighborhoods; not Fischer’s investment in the Louisville to Lexington mega-city and out of state corporations.
  • will lobby for more return on the taxes Louisville sends to the commonwealth; not Fischer’s higher, ambiguous, regressive Local Option Sales Tax.
  • is more in touch with the working people of Louisville; not Fischer’s “I rode TARC in April to see what it was like.”
  • will pursue more transparent policies; not Fischer’s confidential deals.
  • will establish policies leading to a sustainable Louisville; not Fischer’s lip service and half hearted efforts at sustainability.
  • will champion local food; not Fischer’s destruction of local farmland.
  • will grow the urban forest and roof gardens; not Fischer’s surface parking lots.
  • understands that Refuse and Reduce precede Reuse and Recycle; not Fishcer’s1960s recycling program.
  • will invest in solar energy; not Fischer’s commitment to coal/natural gas/oil.
  • will protect the public’s air; not Fischer’s protection of corporations and practices that fill our air with ultra-fine particulate, emissions and chemical releases.
  • will pursue transportation fitting to the 21st Century; not Fischer’s 1950′s transportation model.
  • understands the differences in the transportation needs of downtown, central neighborhoods (within the Watterson), suburban neighborhoods (between the Watterson & the Snyder), and exurbia (beyond the Snyder).  Downtown needs to be densely populated, dominated by pedestrians, cyclists and public transit.   The central neighborhoods also need to be pedestrian and cyclist friendly with great public transit.  Suburbia has a higher degree of automobile dependency, but does need some public transit service.  Exurbia is hopelessly automobile dependent.  It’s population cannot possibly live life styles dominated by public transit, walking and cycling.  Exurban distances make regular use of public transit totally unrealistic.
  • Jackie Green is committed to creating a thriving, prosperous, sustainable Louisville.

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