Jackie Green – Write-In Candidate for Louisville Mayor

Cities are about place and people.  How people relate to a place (how we use that space) is central to any city’s identity.   Land use patterns in Louisville have, for 60 years, been detrimental to creating a vibrant city with neighborhoods that are safe, clean, tree-lined, prosperous, walkable, energy smart, linked by transit and filled with healthy, independent, educated, engaged citizens breathing clean air and earning a living wage.  Too many of our neighborhoods have suffered the eastward flight of investment resulting in falling home values, abandoned housing and decaying community.  Too many farms and forests have been destroyed.  Too many acres have been surrendered to surface parking lots.  Too much of our architectural heritage has been bulldozed. 

A compromised place damages people.  For the sake of Louisville’s people, our land use patterns of the past 60 years must be reversed.  Jackie Green is committed to creating a thriving, prosperous, sustainable Louisville.  In the coming days Jackie Green will be introducing his plan for the city – Reclaiming Louisville, Empowering Her People.  The blogs of the past few months (below) will give you a sense of the direction of Reclaiming Louisville, Empowering Her People.

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