Jackie Green – Write-In Candidate for Louisville Mayor

The fleur de lis, Louisville, will blossom with a mayor committed to a specific course of action. One course of action will improve the city’s beauty, our wealth, our health, our happiness, our housing, our parks, our public transit, our walkability, our urban forest and our competitive edge. Our streets, sidewalks, waterways and air will be cleaner. Louisville will be cooler in the summer, will be safer, greener, more sustainable, we will flood less, companies will have greater reason to relocate to/grow in Louisville and our youth will have greater reason to stay in Louisville.

The fleur de lis will blossom with a mayor committed to challenge one civic liability that effects many other liabilities. By replacing one civic liability with housing and commerce we will create greater property values and revenues, revenues that can build a world class public transit system in a world class city. By replacing one civic liability with parks, gardens and orchards we will create a better Louisville.  We have the tools in MSD, PVA, Metro Council, APCD and in other agencies to enact the challenge that results in the blossoming of the fleur de lis.

Pay attention to how much of our city is dedicated to surface parking lots.  By replacing those surface parking lots with housing, commerce, parks, gardens, and orchards, we can transform Louisville. By replacing some of the surface parking lots with multi-storied garages we can accommodate parking needs. By either, making surface parking lots pay for the flooding and heat sink liabilities that they are, or by redeveloping the space with higher property value structures, we can house, feed and employ people while funding a great public transit system in a clean, green city.

Today, Louisville is a world leader in area occupied by surface parking lots.  We could be a world leader in housing, in commerce, in parks, gardens, urban forests, safety, public transit, public health, public happiness. We could be a magnet for business, for labor, for families and for our educated youth.

The only objection heard to this course of action is that the cost of parking will increase. Let me suggest that smarter land use in a walkable city served by excellent public transit requires less parking. We will use any increase in parking expenses to improve Louisville.

Pay attention to how much of our city is dedicated to surface parking lots. The fleur de lis can blossom if you will vote for a mayor who is committed to helping the civic, business and faith based communities of Louisville to transform our city.

More platform and position details are found on the page, accessed from the menu bar above, entitled: Reclaiming Louisville, Empowering Her People.  On November’s ballot write in Jackie Green when you vote for mayor, then color the bubble next to the line for the mayoral write-in candidate. Let the fleur de lis blossom.

This mayoral campaign has been one of the few voices of dissent to the current administration’s policies.  In the few days leading to the election, the campaign will concentrate on our positive policies, limiting criticism of the current administration’s policies to the blogs below.

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